Wahyu Adi Surya, called Wahyu, was born in Pamekasan, East Java on May 10th 1990, the second children from Mr. R. Maskur and Mrs. Julaika. His basic study start in Elementary School of Demangan 01. Then, he was study in Yunior High School 2 Bangkalan. His middle study was been in Senior High school 1 Bangkalan. After that, he college the Scholar Degree, concentration in Bussiness Administration in Brawijaya University till now.

When he was in Senior High School, he active in a tour ambassador called K2JB (Kumpulan Kacong Jebbing Bangkalan), period of 2006-2007. Beside he active in tour and social organization, he active in fans club organization of Sheila On 7, too, as secretary, period of 2007-till now. Since studied in university, he active in HIMABIS (Himpunan Mahasiswa Bisnis) and BEM FIA (Badan Eksekutif Mahasiswa Fakultas Ilmu Administrasi), a faculty organization, & HMI FIA UB period of 2009-till now. He also exist in Home Band, music organization in Brawijaya University and AEC, English organization in Brawijaya University.

His achievement are the finalis of Jawa Pos Soccer <14Th Turnament (2004), the finalist of Kacong Yunior Bangkalan (2006), and the 4Th champion of Kacong Bangkalan (2006), the 3rd champion of JTV Senior High School Band Festival (2007).

Some research article who ever write are Warga Negara Indonesia (2009), Etika Penggunaan Internet Sesuai Norma Islam (2009), Studi Kelayakan Bisnis Depot “Aneka Lalapan, Pangsit Mie, dan Belut Goreng (2009), and Analisis Perseroan Terbatas (2009).


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